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Russian military prepares for intervention in Ukraine


 Ukraine in a state of flux


 Georgian court sentences former PM

Feb. 17, 2014: Former Georgian prime minister Vano Merabishvili (above) was convicted with five and a half years of imprisonment on Monday by a court for abuse of power and other crimes during a trial in the western city of Kutaisi. Merabishvili served as prime minister for less than four months in 2012 under then-president Mikheil Saakashvili.  He lost power when the United National Movement (UNM) lost the parliamentary election in 2012, following which Merabishvill was taken into custody in May 2013. His loyalists say the conviction stems from political retribution by the pro-Moscow incumbent regime.


 Democracy is dead, economy in a coma

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 Report removes Obama's hurdle for signing Keystone XL deal with Canada


 Egyptian dictator seeks peace by holding  Presidential election first


 Ukraine's pro-Moscow regime faces collapse

Jan. 25, 2014: Pushed into a defensive by incessant anti-government protests, Ukraine's pro-Moscow President Viktor Yanukovych pledged to reshuffle his government and amend controversial anti-protest laws to ease the crisis. But his government's losing of control of local administrations across the west of the country is causing serious concerns among his followers who were not seen much during the last five days of deadly clashes. Despite promise of talks with the opposition, Yanukovych's survival is at stake now.  

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Emergency imposed 

Grenade attack at Thai anti-government gathering injures 40

 China overtakes USA in trading

Jan. 12, 2014: The volume of Chinese trade reached $4.16 trillion in 2013; exports rising by 7.9 percent to $2.21 trillion while imports increased by 7.3 percent to $1.95 trillion. Cumulative trading reached $4.16 trillion, up 7.6 percent from 2012.

US promises help for Iraq to retake Falujja

 Struggle for democracy gives birth to Exiled Bangladesh Government

South Sudan rebels launch fresh offensive

Dec. 30, 2013: South Sudanese rebels allied to ex-vice president Riek Machar fought hard to retake control of a key town on Monday while hopes for a ceasefire remained elusive as yet.

 Chinese police accused of killing innocent Muslims

Dec. 22, 2013:  Chinese police shot dead 15 Uighor Muslims during the weekend in the Kashgar area of Xinjiang province. Uighors (above) are often targeted as terrorists even when they voice their genuine grievances.

 Taliban threaten to blow off Bangladesh High Commission

 South Sudan coup not yet over


 Diplomatic showdown sours India-US ties

Resurgence of Russia

 Ukraine torn between Russia and the EU


Iran quits nuclear talks

 Mandela's funeral entails local rituals

Father of freedom passes away

Dec. 5, 2013: Nelson Mandela, father of freedom and equality and renown for leading South Africa out of apartheid died at the age of 95. We salute this global icon and pray for the peace of his departed soul. 

 Chinese fighter jets scramble over disputed East China Sea

Nov. 30, 2013: Chinese fighter jets scrambled on Friday in its new air-defense zone over the East China Sea following Beijing's announcement that all aircraft entering the disputed zone claimed by China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea must submit flight plans and identify themselves to Chinese authorities or face unspecified “defensive emergency measures.” 

 US pivotal to Iran nuclear deal 

 Canada stands by Philippine disaster victims

 Bangladesh crisis stirs waves in global capitals

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Czech Republic tilts to the left again

US drowned by debts

October 19, 2013: Within hours of President Barack Obama signing into law a bipartisan deal to end the government shutdown and avoid default, a record $328 billion was borrowed on the very first day the government was able to borrow money, pushing the total debt level to an astounding $17.075 trillion.The one-day increase of $328 billion overrode the 2011 per-day borrowing limit of $238 billion, and, all other previous records.

 Canadian proses garner Nobel Prize in literature

 Ottawa receives largest ever foreign investment from Malaysia

 Army kills another 53 in Egypt

'Tea Party' must shun  'cocaine spirit' 

 Rouhani avoids Obama luncheon

September 25, 2013: The much expected hand shake between the US President Barack Obama and the newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani did not take place inside or outside the UN compound where world leaders gathered this week for the 68th annual General Assembly session. Unlike the previous US and Iranian Presidents, the two leaders were, however, much conciliatory during their UN speeches. But a desired handshake was missed in the end due to President Rouhani not attending the Obama-lunch to avoid what a source said 'getting near alcoholic beverage.'

 Israeli Special Force joins Kenyan forces to end Nairobi mall siege

September 22, 2013: Kenyan troops (above) backed by Israeli agents cornered Somali militants holding at least 50 hostages inside a Jewish-owned Nairobi shopping mall following a terrifying siege and shooting spree on Sunday that has left at least 59 people dead and 125 wounded.

Butt in and Save Blackberry

Taliban destroys NATO convoy 

Karachi, Pakistan, September 17, 2013: For the second time in weeks, another fuel-carrying NATO convoy has been destroyed (picture above) in Baluchistan province of Pakistan by Taliban fighters.  The latest attack snapped communication from the port city of Karachi to the strategic city of Koweta, abutting Afghanistan. Eye witnesses said at least 15 fuel-carrying trucks were gutted in the attack launched with rockets. This was the second major attack this month on the same route; the first one having destroyed 12 other fuel-carrying trucks.


September 14, 2013:  An unprecedented rapport between the US President Barack Obama and President Vladimir Putin of Russia (above) has paved the way for stitching together a historic deal on Saturday in Geneva between the foreign ministers of both the countries. The deal has forestalled the likelihood of any military intervention in Syria as Syria agreed to handover its stockpile of chemical weapons to international observers for destruction by mid-2014. In order to ensure the dawning of lasting peace in the volatile Mid-East region, it's time to turn the focus on Israel which sits on a huge stockpile of undeclared atomic, biological and chemical (ABC) arsenals.


 Russia hands out evidence of rebels using chemical agent in Syria

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 Syria prepares for prolonged war

  Syria is not Kosovo

NATO can ill - afford another major war

 Carnage in Cairo

August 14, 2013: Hundreds of pro-Morsi protesters have been killed and over 5,000 injured by the country's security forces who went on a killing spree to remove thousands of pro-Morsi supporters camped for days in Cairo, demanding re-installation of their elected President  who was deposed by the military in early July. An AFP correspondent confirmed seeing 17 bodies at a makeshift morgue at the Rabaa camp, with gunshot wounds.  A Muslim Brotherhood spokesman, Gehad El-Haddad, claimed that as many as 250 people had been killed and 5,000 injured in the brutal flush out operation launched under the military's planning and command. 


Madness or desperation?

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An open letter to Sheikh Hasina

 Structural flaws hold back expected US growth

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Post-the-brink and on the throes of breaking down

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 Riots rock Paris suburbs

  ‘Miscarriage of justice’ warrants review of Zimmerman case 

 Quebec train disaster re-imposes need for pipeline transportation of energy

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 US connivance suspected in Egyptian coup

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Civil war feared. AU suspends Egypt's membership

30 killed as Morsi loyalists march to take control of TV station 

Pictures: Army helicopter chases pro-Morsi protesters away from the national TV centre (above) while colleagues tend to a wounded Muslim brotherhood activist in a street near the Tahrir square.

July 6, 2013: At least 30 Islamist activists have been killed by the security forces as clashes erupted across Egypt following the ousting on Wednesday by the army of the democratically-elected Islamist president, Mohammed Morsi. On Saturday, the streets remained packed with Morsi loyalists as per instructions issued on Friday by the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Badie, who has ordered the Islamists to stay on the streets until the deposed - and now under detention - President is restored to power again. Saturday's violence was the worst so far, with dozens dead in clashes with security forces when thousands of Morsi followers marched to take control of  the state-run TV station near the Tahrir square. In the port city of Alexandria, at least 15 other deaths were reported. A civil war may grip the nation sooner until the political standoff between the country's military and the elected President is resolved. The African Union has meanwhile suspended Egypt from the regional club for the military's unconstitutional action against an elected President.


Respect democracy, censor military rule

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Islamist-military stand off rattles Egypt

July 2, 2013: President Mohammad Morsi of Egypt has trashed a military ultimatum and vowed to preserve constitutional governance amid fear of a military intervention in politics against his Islamist regime. As hundreds of thousands of pro and anti-Morsi demonstrators thronged the streets across Cairo and elsewhere, the military has been watching the showdown from above (see picture above). The US, which has serious leverage in the form of $1.5 billion in annual aid for the country, said on Tuesday that it's committed to allowing the democratic process to take place in Egypt and denied reports that Washington has been pushing Morsi to hold early elections. The US State Department's response followed the Monday's 48 hour ultimatum by the army for Morsi to reach a power-sharing deal with his political opponents before it would enact an unspecified roadmap. According to sources, the Army roadmap aims to suspend the constitution, dissolve the parliament and call for a fresh election; which carries the potential of plunging the country into a protracted civil war between the military and the Islamists.

 Bangladesh PM faces ICC probing for alleged crimes against humanity 

 Worst flooding claims over 800 lives in India

June 25, 2013: Hundreds of dead flood victims were cremated by holding mass cremation ceremony on Tuesday in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand. With another 127 bodies recovered since Monday from the area around the ruined Hindu pilgrimage town of Kedarnath, the death toll climbed to 807. For days since June 16 when the flooding began, most of the corpses have been lying in the open. This has been the worst flooding in India in decades.

 US congratulates Iran on election outcome

Tension mounts along Israel-Syria border

 Kyrgyz protest against Canadian gold mine has geopolitical underpinnings

 Triangular great game transforms politics in Myanmar, Bangladesh

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Syrian forces claim victory along Lebanon border

Sea-borne drone launching removes US dependence on land bases

May 15, 2013: The US Navy has successfully launched a prototype drone from an aircraft carrier on Tuesday as the initial step to equipping all navy carriers with Un-men Aerial Vehicles (UAV) between 2017 and 2020. Despite widespread criticism of the drones killing unarmed civilians, the launch was lauded by navy personnel. The new drones are about the size of an average fighter jet, which will reduce the dependency of US forces on land bases across the world.

 Muslim League returns to lead Pakistan following election victory


Genocide-struck Islamists vow to wage armed struggle in Bangladesh 

May 7, 2013: A brutal massacre of reportedly over 300 Hefajat activists in the dead of night at Dhaka's Shapla intersection, and the law enforcers' conspiracy to hide dead bodies has shifted the dynamics of the ongoing struggle in Bangladesh between the Islamists and the government. The massacre occurred when over 3 million devotees gathered in Dhaka on May 5 (picture above) to protest against what the outfit called blasphemous activities of the government and its sponsored agents.  The unarmed protesters fought police over the whole day and decided not to vacate their spot until their 13-point demands were met. A 10,000 strong para-military and elite police force launched the brutal attack on the unarmed Islamists  at about 2.30 AM that night from three different directions (while protesters were sleeping on street, picture above) after having switched off electricity supply in the area. Over 300 were reportedly  killed (Hefajat claimed number of dead 3,000) as thousands of bullets rained on the three million-plus- strong sea of humanity.  With over 1,000 wounded, the Islamists vowed to wage an armed struggle due to this unexpected genocide of their followers and the government's declaration that they (Islamists) will not be allowed even to come out of their houses in the future. Two of the private TV channels- Diganta TV and Islamic TV- were put out of air by the government as they carried out live broadcast of the genocide. Earlier, another newspaper critical of the government, Daily Amar Desh, was locked out of publication and its acting editor arrested. Islamists are getting more popular by the day due to the ruling Awami League government's blatant disregard for democracy, rule of law, human rights and, its designed genocide to obliterate all kinds of dissents from the country. The Nationalist-Islamist compact believes the government of Sheikh Hasina is a stooge of neighbouring India and it must be removed from power by any means to save Bangladesh's heritage, history, culture, religions and political and economic sovereignty. 

An epic tragedy unfolds in Bangladesh with a familiar political twist

Dhaka, April 26, 2013: In a nation where the lives of the ordinary people are worthless to the thugs who have turned millionaires overnight by virtue of being  high profiled agents of the people in power, nearly 400 feared deaths (picture above) in the Rana Plaza of Savar, Dhaka, will change nothing. Sohel Rana, the owner of the eight- storey, illegally-built  complex, is the convener of Savar municipal jubo league, an appendage of the ruling Awami League (AL). Using power and influence, he has acquired huge land and built two mammoth complexes (the other one is Rana Tower) following the AL's coming to power in 2009 by forcibly occupying the land of a minority Hindu owner, Rabindra Nath.  On the day of the tragedy, Rana ordered all the garment workers working in the building to display a show of force against the ongoing strike by the opposition 18 party alliance, according to one of the managers of the five  factories located inside the complex. The crack on the building was overlooked and the workers were threatened and forced to come to work despite there being serious risks to their lives. Over 300 dead bodies have already been recovered along with nearly 3,000 found alive. Hundreds more are feared to be trapped inside the collapsed edifice while Rana is reported to have left the country with cooperation from people in power. 

 Two nabbed in Canada to 'preempt blowing off Tonto-New York rail'

April 22, 2013: The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) nabbed in a preemptive raid on Monday two suspects alleged to have plotted to blow off a Toronto-New York rail (picture above). The suspects are yet to be named and the raid comes amid preparation by the Canadian Parliament to pass a draconian new anti-terror law which will allow law enforcers to make similar preemptive arrests, detention without charge for three days, arrest for traveling abroad by Canadians to conduct terror activities and, the provision to imprison a suspect/witness for up to 12 months for refusing to testify in a terror investigation proceeding.

 Venezuelan election outcome challenged 

April 15, 2013: Venezuelan opposition leader Henrique Capriles challenged Chavista candidate Nicolas Maduro’s victory and demanded a full audit of the election results. Capriles alleged of electoral  fraud and demanded of vote recounting following a split outcome in which acting President Nicolas Maduro has won the presidential race to replace Hugo Chavez. Earlier, election authorities announced that with 99.12% of votes counted, Maduro led with 50.66 per cent of the votes cast while  Capriles dragged behind with 49.07 per cent. Officials said around 77 per cent of the eligible voters cast their ballots in the election.

Rowdy rebels rule Central African Republic 

March 25, 2013:  The Central African Republic is in a state of utter chaos, with no central government and looting being a commonplace since Sunday when the capital Bangui was captured by the Seleka rebel coalition, forcing incumbent president Francois Bozize to flee to neighbouring Cameron. As Seleka leader Michel Djotodia declared himself the new president, the UN, the US and many Western nations - including the country's former colonial master France -  insisted that the rebels must adhere to an earlier concluded power-sharing deal that allows president Bozize to stay in power until 2016. The French President Francois Hollande has meanwhile ruled out the prospect of any physical military intervention of his country to restore the overthrown government, although, there are French commandos and other technical staff already stationed in the country. According to latest report, French soldiers have secured the airport to exit without hindrance, if compelled to.

Obama assures Israel of US support

Ode for an outstanding leader 


 A Canadian concoction bags an award 

Feb. 25, 2013: Oscar-mania is all around as the 85th annual Academy Award kicks in (picture above). Actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck's Argo has captured the coveted best picture trophy (pictured on the right). The film is themed on a Canadian concoction.

  • Argo director Ben Affleck accepts the Oscar for best movie
1 of 10

Winner of many other prizes, the intriguing drama depicts a thriller-concept centering on the plot of a former CIA agent who disguises US hostages in Iran - following the 1979 Islamic revolution-  as Canadian schi-fi movie maker to facilitate their escape from captivity.


Secularist-Islamist showdown in Bangladesh reaches 'point of no return'

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 South Asia rattled by North Korean nuclear test

Myanmar-North Korea nuclear alliance is troubling

 Protesters attack Egypt's Presidential palace

 Iran-Syria discuss mode of retaliation against unprovoked Israeli attack

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Egypt on the throes of civil war 

Cairo, Jan. 29, 2013:  Egypt is unraveling. The country's army chief says the nation faces serious threats from within and urges for a quick resolution of the ongoing political crisis which seems to have sprung afresh from nowhere. The only allegation against the newly elected President Morsi is that he'd betrayed the revolution. While the focus of the so called revolution was anything but the change of an entrenched regime, unrest has spread over half a dozen cities across the country. In desperation, the embattled President declared a state of emergency in the troubled cities and made an executive order allowing the military to get deployed in aid of civil administration. The army has been deployed in full force in the strategic Suez canal area which connects a vital international shipping lane between the Mediterranean to the Red Sea. Many within Egypt think the involvement of external forces in fomenting the crisis - which aims at replacing the democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood government with a new pro-Western regime backed by the military - has attained a new height. One source said, "The military is divided between the pro-West and Islamist denominations and a civil war may ensue unless the unrest can be reined in sooner."

North Korea threatens of military action against the South  

Jan. 25, 2013: North Korea on Friday threatened to strike the South with military action if the latter complied with the UN-imposed sanctions against the communist regime. Early in the week, the UN imposed a set of new sanctions against the North following its launching of a satellite which the USA and many Western regimes believe is a prelude to preparing the nation for long range nuclear weapon delivery capability.  On Thursday, North Korea also threatened the USA by saying it would carry out a new nuclear test and more long-range rocket launching as part of its ongoing effort to build a credible deterrent against US threat and  provocation. 

Israeli election outcome weakens Netanyahu, revives hope for peace 


 Re-elected US President delivers a testament of time with the passion & the eloquence it deserves

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 Pakistan faces collapse of government, martial law 

Obama issues executive orders to rein in gun proliferation 

Jan. 16, 2013: In a desperate bid to rein in gun proliferation, President Barack Obama on Wednesday launched the most sweeping policy directives to curb gun violence; signing 23 executive orders which need no Congressional approval and  setting aside $500 million to ensure bans of all military-styled assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. The move comes a month after the fateful Connecticut shooting that killed 20 children. Speaking at the White House, a seemingly distraught President insisted that real actions must be taken by the lawmakers. “To make a real and lasting difference, Congress must act, and act sooner,” Obama said. (Read op-ed).

 Is Washington left adrift by Dhaka-Moscow military collaboration?

From Afghanistan to Mali, military interventions spawned hatred, emboldened radicalism

 Royal Commission must be appointed

Talk for the sake of talk will not change Canada’s aboriginal algorithm

Assad vows to fight al-Qaeda, orders national mobilization

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Venezuelan constitutional crisis 'a propaganda' 

Jan. 5, 2013: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez (above) may have to take the oath of office for his next term before the Supreme Court at a later date if he isn't fit to be sworn in next week and, the news of a brewing constitutional crisis and the necessity to hold fresh election 'is a propaganda', according to experts. Vice-President Nicolas Maduro said the government may seek to postpone Chavez's scheduled inauguration as the 58-year-old president is yet to recover from  a severe respiratory infection after undergoing cancer surgery in Cuba.

 Caricature of Islam's prophet re-appears in French journal

Jan. 3, 2012: Undeterred by backlashes from the Muslim faithfuls for caricaturing the Prophet of Islam earlier, French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo brought out a new edition of the comic image of Mohammed. The 64-page caricatured edition is sported above in the picture by the paper's publisher, Stephane Charbonnier, who claims the narratives titled as the "Life of Mohammed" are based on facts reasearched by some un-named Muslim scholars. Followers of Islam believe the imagery of Prophet Mohammed is forbidden and blasphemous and a fresh wave of backlashes are expected to sweep the world sooner.

US Congress overcomes fiscal limbo, for now

Jan. 2, 2012: It seems over for now. The House of Representatives has passed a bipartisan bill by 257-167 vote on late Tuesday night to avoid the imponderables. A visibly relieved President Obama appeared before the White House briefing room and declared after the pasing of the bill, “Thanks to the votes of Republicans and Democrats in Congress. I will sign a law that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans while preventing tax hikes that could have sent the economy back into recession.” The deal is the outcome of an agreement following arduous negotiations between the White House and the Senate Republicans on Monday that had allowed tax rates to rise on affluent Americans, but it came too late for the Dec. 31 deadline and failed to avert automatic tax increases and spending cuts due to the increased tax and spending cuts being effective from January 1, 2013. The House made things further worse by not voting and legislating the deal in time and by deferring a vote until Tuesday.(Read full story).


Swinging between modest hope and mild despair

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 Delhi gang-rapers charged with murder

Dec 29, 2012: Hours within her death at a Singapore hospital, Indian police charged with murder six suspects held in connection with her death, police said. "They have been charged (with murder)," said Rajan Bhagat, a spokesman for New Delhi police. Turmoil has plagued India since the 23 years old woman, unnamed (picture above), was gang-raped on a New Delhi bus on December 16. Police confirmed that all of the six suspects have been arrested and are in custody.

 Fiscal cliff: What’s that?

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Is Canada sinking? 

UN demands halt to Israeli settlement in occupied areas

Dec. 19, 2012: The United Nations has called upon Israel to abort plans to build thousands of new houses in the disputed territories in east Jerusalem, warning it could deal "an almost fatal blow" to peace hopes.The tougher UN stance follows Israel's intransigence to go ahead with the construction of another 5,158 new settler homes in the disputed West Bank and est Jerusalem areas occupied since the 1967 war.

Russian naval fleet rushes toward Syria 

 Dec. 18, 2012: Russia has dispatched five naval ships to the Mediterranean Sea to replace the region’s existing fleet. The move follows a decision of the foreign ministry to evacuate Russian citizen in the instance Assad regime collapses, according to official sources (more breaking news).  

 Moscow surprised by US decision to recognize Syrian rebels

Listen USA, please do 

(read a special editorial)

Dec. 12, 2012: Moscow is surprised by the US decision to recognize the main Syrian opposition group as a "legitimate representative" of the Syrian people. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov (above) said Washington is apparently betting on a military victory for the Syrian rebels, which goes against the Geneva agreement that had chalked out an international road map for a peaceful resolution to the crisis. The move by  Washington is viewed by many as the final preparation in a military coalition building effort against the Syrian regime. Earlier, Britain, France and several Arab states recognized the Syrian rebels as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people.

Afghan peace initiative revived

Dec. 10, 2012: Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said in a statement on Monday that the militant group had accepted an invitation to “express its stance to the world community” and will dispatch two of its representatives to attend an upcoming conference on Afghanistan in Paris. Ruling out the prospect of any peace negotiation with the Afghan government, Mujahid said, “This is only a research conference.”  However, Din Mohammad, an Afghan cabinet minister and member of the High Peace Council, said the Afghan delegates would meet the Taliban during the conference, or on the sidelines. The latest attempt to revive peace talks follows a futile attempt by the US in March in Doha where the Taliban met with US negotiators to discuss peace.

UN recognizes Palestine statehood 

Nov 30, 2012: The UN General Assembly on Thursday endorsed an upgraded U.N. status for the Palestinian Authority, despite intense opposition from the US, Canada and Israel. From now on, Palestine is a "non-member observer state," as is the Vatican

Israel threatens to hit Gaza bound ship

(Nov. 25, 2012): Israel threatened to strike at a Gaza - bound ship allegedly carrying military cargo from Iran. An Israeli defense official was quoted by a British newspaper for making the threat, despite a ceasefire between Gaza and Israel being in effect. 

Myanmar told to integrate Rohingyas

 US president Barack Obama has asked Myanmar authorities to recongnize about 800,000 displaced Rohingya Muslims, over half of whom fled to Bangladesh under persistent persecutions, as citizens, according to an official US source.

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Obama's economy, Natanyahu's war


 Complex electoral algorithm failed to wreck Obama victory

China's new leader promises to curb corruption  

 Upon being appointed as the new head of the Chinese Communist Party and supreme commander of the armed forces, Xi Jinping introduced a new, reduced Politburo Standing Committee with 7 members, instead of 9. Xi promised to curb corruption and bureaucratic hurdles. Injecting fresh vigour into a slow-growing economy will be his another major challenge.

 Obama's re-election predicted

(Nov. 5, 2012): The Global Review and the Probashi TV ( confidently predict President Barack Obama's re-election, barring any legal complications; in which case the dispute may be referred to the US Congress for a voting and Mitt Romney may get elected due to his party's Congressional majority prowess.


Sandy punches big holes into US economy

US has an obligation to 
redress Muslim anger


Military resorts to ethnic cleansing in Myanmar


Omar Khadr's detention unlawful








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